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STRESS CENTERS OF NEW YORK is the premier center for stress treatment in New York. We teach stress management that provides stress relief for treating anxiety from stress, job burnout, and depression from stress. Our highly trained staff will help you control stress, prevent stress, and reduce stress.


STRESS can kill you, make you age faster, lower the functioning of your immune system, increase the chance of heart attacks and strokes and even stop a woman from becoming pregnant. Unfortunately, we are all under too much stress today. The good news is that stress can be managed. You can neutralize the effect that stress symptoms have on you and your body. Stress Centers Of New York provides Stress Treatment in New York and has effective programs to change the way you respond to stress.


Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Schachter, the New York Psychologist for stress, the center provides programs that teach you ways to identify and control stress. There are two types of stress, external and internal. External stress occurs when there is a real external problem that requires a solution. Internal stress is the kind we create with our minds. We think of the worst case scenario, we judge ourselves, we anticipate catastrophe and this all occurs when there is no evidence or concrete reason to support our conclusion.


Stress Centers Of New York offers programs to change both types of stressors. Stress Relief occurs once you use the skills you learn.

We are located in Midtown Manhattan on the corner of Lexington Avenue near the subways including the N, R, W, 1,2, 3.4, 5, 6 lines.



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