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Dr. David Burns is one of the pioneers of COGNITIVE THERAPY. His book, Feeling Good defined for millions of people a path to feeling better using COGNITIVE THERAPY. Since those early days, Dr. Burns has continued to refine and define his approach which has resulted in a much more intensive form of COGNITIVE THERAPY. I have had the honor and pleasure of working personally with Dr. Burns and his colleagues to learn this powerful approach

The concept of COGNITIVE THERAPY is to teach a set of skills to identify thoughts and evaluate whether or not they are realistic. When they are not, you learn to replace them with ones that are. With Dr. Burns's new approach, the first step is measure the way you are feeling at the beginning and end of the session. The next step is to fully understand what you are going through. Next, is to melt any resistance to giving up the symptoms that may exist. Finally, there are 50 different methods to defeat the thoughts that are causing you to be anxious or depressed. The result is a powerful change in the way you feel.

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