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Enhancing Performance by Managing Work Stress

Stress affects performance. A successful business is dependent on the smooth integration of support staff with each other and with managers.

Stress Centers Of New York offers a number of programs to reduce stress in the corporate system. Using unique assessment profiles, the SCNY team analyzes the systems, patterns of work assignments, scheduling, chains of command and the culture to assess levels of stress and their effects on productivity and efficiency. We then customize Interventions to reduce that stress and maximize effectiveness and profitability.

Patterns of stress develop as a company grows. These take shape as work demands increase. When they are replaced with systems that work more efficiently, productivity improves, the costs associated with stress decrease and profitability, and profitability increases.

Without changing the culture or disrupting the usual methods of operation, Stress Centers of New York provide a number of programs to reduce the stress of your employees.

Research shows that the effects of stress are proven to interfere with performance, memory, concentration, decision making, all of which impede the exacting nature of the work. The result is inefficiency. Assignments are done improperly. People take more sick days and miss work more often. They are less productive. They abuse alcohol and other substances. The cycle continues, and the stress increases.

As far back as 2001, the American Institute of Stress determined that the results of stress in the work place cost business over $ 300 Billion each year in stress-related compensation claims, reduced productivity, absenteeism, health insurance costs, direct medical expenses and employee turnover and retraining.

Efficiency Assessment

The flow of work evolves as an organization grows and is a function of the culture and the way individuals react to it.

Using a series of unique assessment profiles, the SCNY team analyzes systems, patterns of work assignments, scheduling, chain of command and the culture to assess levels of stress and their effects on productivity and efficiency. We then design Interventions to reduce stress and optimize work productivity.

These range from consulting with management to change systems that create stress to working with employees to minimize the effects of stress. Performance improves when the effects of stress are eliminated.

Performance Enhancement

Working in small groups we teach a system of reducing the effects of situation specific stress. Our program teaches how to identify stressors as they occur and neutralize them. The result is a significant increase in job satisfaction and productivity. A several lesson training or individual coaching teaches a simple system that lowers the effects of stress.

Quality of Life

Additionally or as a separate program, a daily or weekly class of 15-30 minutes teaches focused breathing and visualizations that enhance a relaxed state of mind that creates a more collaborative work environment

Employee Emotional Support Program

Our EMPLOYEE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT PROGRAM is designed to give your teams and support staff the emotional tools they need to get through this time with as little stress as possible. Offering this program to staff shows both the company's concern for their well-being, and also gives them practical skills to perform better during these times.

The Corona Pandemic is unlike anything that has been experienced in this lifetime. Businesses are going through unprecedented contraction. The resulting anxiety and stress for employees is unavoidable. This period will ultimately end and business with continue. Having a stable and motivated workforce is essential to success going forward.

Using a blend of Cognitive Therapy methods, Mindfulness techniques, and Relaxation exercises, the program teaches skills to minimize anxiety. Anytime there is uncertainty, it is normal to be anxious. The way one relates to that anxiety makes the difference of whether or not it will cause stress.


BASIC- Using a large group format via Zoom conference or webinar to teach basic techniques of brief Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness and Relaxation


Programs are customized according to the needs of the organization. In addition to the Basic program, personalized modules of daily, bi-weekly or weekly personalized emails, or videos of encouragement, training in Mindfulness and in Relaxation are sent to the employee.

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