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March 18, 2021

I was under a lot of pressure at work. I was working remotely and I had to cope with 2 kids at home. I wasn’t feeling well and saw my doctor, who said that my blood pressure was at a dangerous level. I tried medicine and it didn’t help that much. When I told my doctor, he referred me to Stress Centers. I feel like they saved my life. There was a history of stroke in my family, and I was willing to do anything. I followed Dr. Schachter’s directions, and my blood pressure changed. I learned that just because a situation is stressful does not mean you have to be under stress or have a stress reaction. It all has to do with how I looked at it. I changed some of the ways I saw everything as a crisis. I learned how to worry less. And I found out how to withdraw and replenish when it started feeling like it was too much. I am very grateful.

Maria P


March 18, 2021

I always can handle everything. I also love being around other people. The major way I relax is to go out. This year was not usual. My work puts me under a lot of pressure and I couldn’t do anything to get a break. I couldn’t leave my apartment. I was between relationships and I couldn’t even meet anyone. I started drinking too much and I knew I was under too much stress. I found the Stress Centers, they helped a lot. Dr. Schachter was great. In a few visits he taught me how to spot when I started getting stressed. He taught me how to change the way I thought about it. Instead of getting tense, I learned how to relax my body when the stress started building up. I feel much better.

Roger M


March 18, 2021

This place made a giant difference in my life. Like all my friends, I was very burdened by the Covid situation. My children are 5 and 7, and as much as I love them, they were driving me crazy. I have been working remotely and trying to be teacher of the year. My husband tried to help,but his job has become 4036 1976 5184 6689more demanding lately and he couldn’t do more. It all became too much. I wasn’t sleeping, I was snapping at everyone all thie time. My doctor said I was undert too much stress, I found Stress Centers. In just a few visits, I learned some different ways of handling the kids. I guess it’s easier to see solutions when you are not in the war zone. I also learned how to spot when I was starting to get overwhelmed. They also showed me how to change my thinking that was stressful. And there were some very quick and simple ways to relax when I was getting tense. I feel like a different person.

Joanne P